Running in the rain

Finished work late last night so skipped the gym, but I was determined to get out for a run and not even a torrential downpour was going to stop me. The husband thought I was totally barking, but in the end (after some convincing) stepped up to the challenge and came out with me. He wasn’t happy about it though -he even had wet boxer shorts by the time we’d finished!

We did our usual lap:

  • Mile 1: 09:24
  • Mile 2: 08:20
  • Mile 3 – 3.63: 05:19 (08:23 pace)
  • Totals: 2.63 miles in 23:04
  • Average pace 08:45

It’s funny, we walk five miles on Sunday (which took just over 1 hr 30  minus scenery breaks) and apparently burnt 377 calories. In comparison, this 23 minute jaunt apparently burnt 270 calories. You just get such a good bang for your buck with running. Probably not as good as with spinning, but still, pretty impressive.

Off to the gym this evening, probably going to work out legs. I’ve neglected them recently and I could definitely feel the effects in my run last night.

2 thoughts on “Running in the rain

  1. I’ve heard that you burn a pariticular amount of calories per mile (around 100) and it doesn’t matter much whether running or walking. It looks like you showed that today. Running is much more efficient though!

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