Nom nom nom

I know some people hate that expression, but I think it has a certain onomatopoeic quality befitting of the meal I’ve just eaten. A ‘chicken, mango & jalapeño salad‘ doesn’t sound much, but the combination of sweet mango with spicy jalapeño  and crunchy tortilla chips is absolutely delicious. Even my long suffering husband who wanted to go to the pub for a burger and a pint enjoyed it, so high praise indeed.

Make this now!

NB I need to hone my food photography before posting any food pictures, shame as it looked as good as it tasted

Letting go

In Starbucks, waiting for my colleague to arrive thinking…

First thought – ‘How many calories are in a grande skinny latte?’

Second thought – ‘Who cares? Just drink it, enjoy it & don’t order a massive pastry on the side!’

One triumph before 9am.