Numbers game

After a previously unsuccessful attempt at blogging, I’ve decided to give it another shot.  The problem with the fitness/food blogging world is that it all seems so artificial, with lots of impossibly slim and attractive people bashing on about how great it is to workout and ‘eat clean’. Don’t get me wrong, on a simple voyeuristic reader level I love it, but it’s not something I can legitimately aspire to be myself.

I like food. All food, including (especially) food that’s high in fat and salt and processed because it tastes so good. I love beer, in fact all alcohol. I like the taste, sometimes in moderation and sometimes to excess because it’s fun being pissed. Deny it.

But I do also like eating my greens, enjoying a healthy diet (whatever that is) and I love being active. I actually can’t imagine my life without sport and fitness, it is something I genuinely do love but let’s face it, I also do it to look and feel a certain way.

10 stone 4 lbs 4 oz. Ouch. The number has been creeping up and I suppose somewhere in the back of my mind I was hoping to use blogging as a quick fix, a sort of diet : a way to improve accountability and get! fit! fast!

But then that isn’t life is it? Life is starting a blog with good intentions only to have a really crap day at work, get home and neck a bottle of wine. For instance. So maybe instead of hollow promises to eat less, exercise more and generally be a better person, perhaps I’ll simply use this space to try consistently review my goals, whatever they may be.

And for now the goal is to get that number comfortably below 10 stone…


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