Consistency – the key to success?

Well, after a promising start (4lbs loss in the first week) I went to weigh-in last night and have put on 0.5lb. No it’s not much, but it’s hard not to feel deflated when I’ve been pretty consistent at eating better and tracking the treats. My initial thought was to ‘sod it’ and drown my sorrows in a glass (ok bottle) of wine, but I managed to resist and stick to my healthy pre-planned dinner.

Truth is, it’s easy to get hung up on that number, but that is only a small part of it. The most important thing is making consistently healthy choices, which includes exercise. And although I’ve done well on the food/booze front, I am struggling to make the time to put in some quality workouts because I’ve forgotten how to be consistent.

Last year when training for the Olympic distance triathlon (my number 1 goal for 2014) I used to get up at 5.50am pretty much every working day to walk the dogs and hit the gym before starting work at 9am. Of course there would be the odd morning where I’d roll over and hit snooze, but for the most part it never really used to bother me because it was just my routine. But for things to become a routine you have to be consistent, otherwise it is a constant struggle to consciously maintain that effort level for any significant length of time. So this week is going to be about building that consistency back into my everyday life, so that next time when my alarm goes off I will get up without pressing snooze…

One day at a time

In an attempt to distract myself from the gnawing hunger I’ve taken to having a bottle of water on my desk to sip throughout the day, which does work because now I’m going to the toilet every 15 minutes there is distinctly less time to worry about food.

In truth, I don’t think it is being hungry that is the worst thing about diets, it’s the boredom. Having something ‘nice’ like chocolate or cake gives you something to look forward to and breaks up the day… crabsticks just don’t have the same appeal. But the lack of booze is the real killer; you don’t realise how ingrained alcohol is into society until you try to give it up. The 6 o’clock beer after work, the bottle of wine with friends, and the glass of fizz with brunch; it’s insidious.

With all seriousness though, it is going quite well – although it should be really given I’m only 4 days in and motivation is still high. I didn’t manage to get to the gym on Tuesday morning, but other than that I’ve done a workout every day so far which I consider a success. Hurrah for the small victories!