About Pudding Tummy

I thought I should write a little about the expansion and shrinkage of my Pudding Tummy over the last few years.

Growing up, I always had a perfect balance of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ food in my diet. Food was never really a problem for me, probably because I was always reasonably active and slim. I actually didn’t really categorise food in the good/bad sense, I just knew to eat more or some things and less of others. I guess the best way to describe my eating at this point was intuitive.

But then I went to University and with the change in scenery came a change in lifestyle. I had to fend for myself which included cooking my own meals. I use the term ‘cooking’ loosely because as I recall, most of my meals in the first year consisted of bread, philadelphia, wotsits and pot noodles. Yum I hear you cry. Pair this with binge drinking galore and the obligatory late night munchies and hang over breakfasts and my pudding tummy began to grow.

Weight gain happens so gradually, over such a long time that you hardly notice it. Sure I knew my boobs were getting bigger, or my ass was fuller than it was before… but you kind of shrug it off. And I was still pretty active at this point, so it was manageable. I tried the odd diet here and there, with varying levels of success, but they never lasted for long. To be honest, I was having such a fun/busy/stressful time at Uni, it wasn’t the top of my priorities!

Then I left University and got a job in the real world, sitting on my ass for 8 hours a day with the evil twins of boredom and biscuits as bed fellows.  Before I knew it all my clothes were tighter until eventually I was two sizes bigger and none of them fit any more. Even then, I tried the odd diet but could never stick at it for more than a day or two.

I’m a big fan of Caitlin, writer of  ‘Healthy Tipping Point‘. I interpret a healthy tipping point as a defining moment where you realise that you need to make a change. This moment for me was my engagement. I realised that I didn’t want to get married looking the way I did and that I had to lose weight. There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide – those pictures would be around for a long time.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own (having tried and failed so many times before) so I signed up to Weight Watchers with a friend. I was committed to make a change and I had a pretty good (SMART!) goal in mind, so I didn’t find it too difficult to stick with the plan. Gradually, over the months, the weight came off. Sure, there were a few blips along the way, but I got there. I hit (actually went past) my original goal.

Now the wedding has been and gone and I’m left with the difficult job of maintenance, which is even more interesting (and hard work I think) that losing the original weight. I’ve reached a point now where I don’t want to rely on calorie counting and conscious restriction, I want a healthy lifestyle to simply be part of who I am.


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